Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is intimidating, abusive, or violent behavior in a relationship. The common types of domestic violence include physical, spiritual, financial, social, sexual, and emotional abuse. Although domestic violence usually happens at home, it can also take place even when the individuals concerned are not at home (Roberts & Price, 2019). For example, a woman can be embraced in front of her friends when they are in a function away from home. Most of the women in relationships do experience violence although there reported cases where men are also experiencing violence in relationships.

The physical abuse is where the partner attacks the other person with weapons, pulls your hair, bites, kicks, pushes, or punches. The individual can also block the woman from getting medical care, sleeping, or eating (Anderberg, Rainer, Wadsworth, & Wilson, 2016). There are also cases where the women are locked in the houses when the partner is not around especially when they are being suspected to be having affairs with other people. Such men can also cut off women from the rest of the family members and other friends. They will demand the woman to ask for permission if they think it is necessary for them to go out.


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