Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Being hurt and disappointed creates a big burden in your heart and mind and when it is chronic, it results in changes in heart rate, immune system response, and blood pressure. These changes lead to a rise in the risk of having heart diseases, depression, and anxiety. This is the interrogation point and this is why forgiveness should be an active practice in your life. To forgive for your wellbeing and to forgive oneself.

Unresolved conflicts affect your physical and mental health. However, an act of forgiveness plays an important role in your health. It helps in reducing the risks of heart attack, anxiety, stress levels, and depression leading to improved health. Forgiveness can only arise when you make a conscious decision to release negative feelings, someone. This helps in releasing anger and resentment and in return you feel compassionate and a feeling of empathy towards the person who wronged you (Toussaint et al., 2015).

In forgiving others, you also need to forgive yourself by releasing the underlying belief or negative emotion you have attached to what you are trying to forgive in yourself. Letting go of your past helps in forgiving yourself.

When you are truly sorry for something that you did, admitting it to the affected person and asking for forgiveness without making excuses, and also when you make forgiveness an active practice, it helps in your overall health. Remember, however, that you cannot force someone to forgive you


Toussaint, L., Worthington, E., & Williams, D. R. (2015). Forgiveness and health: Scientific evidence and theories relating forgiveness to better health. Springer.

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