Getting Beyond the Hurt, Making Your Past A Force To Become Better

Getting Beyond the Hurt, Making Your Past A Force To Become Better

The mistakes people did in the past or the people the mistreatment or torture they experienced in the past can usually haunt them making it hard for them to continue with normal life happy. For some, they can totally lose the desire to continue with their lives (Hazan & Haber, 2017). However, people's power to turn around what is hurting them and use it is a force to become better in the present and future life.

First individuals should know that no one is perfect in life and all people are pond to make mistake at one point in their life (Hazan & Haber, 2017). They should, therefore, learn to use the mistakes they did in the past as lessons to help them not to sink in the same mistakes in the future. In this way, they will not regret that they messed up in the past but they will use it as an advantage because they now know what works and what does not pay in the end.


Hazan, A., & Haber, J. (2017). Mindful EM: Dealing with Mistakes and Preventing Regrets. Emergency Medicine News, 39(5), 24.

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