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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Mental health is important and it's a vital part of life and it impacts your behaviors thought and emotions. Being healthy emotionally promotes effectiveness and productivity in whatever we do. Why is having “Me Time” important for your mental health? This is The Interrogation Point and this is why “Me time” is important for your mental health.

Creating some “me time” for yourself reduces the stress and risks associated with depression and anxiety by doing creative activities and is important for your mental health since it fosters creativity. It's through creativity that we reach our “flow state” where our brain works at optimal efficiency by releasing dopamine to enhance creativity and problem-solving. Stress reduction translates to better heart health and also reduces the risk of dementia.

Psychologists have observed that spending some time alone can be useful in the long run, reducing the risks associated with depression and increasing empathy (Francis et al., 2014). Being in solitude allows you to reboot your brain and unwind hence clearing your mind. This will help in improving concentration hence increasing productivity

In summary, creating me time is beneficial to mental health, and in fostering creativity, you, therefore, need to create some “me time” always for your mental health.


Francis, A., Rosa, P. L., Sankaran, L., & Rajeev, S. (2014). Social work practice in mental health: Cross-cultural perspectives (3rd ed.). Allied Publishers.

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