Mental Health action plan

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Setting a Plan of Action for Your Mental Health

It is important that one is keen when it comes to mental health because there are possibilities that one can developmental problems due to challenges and pressure that one experience in their day-to-day activities. There also mental problems that and the individual may experience such depression that it will be difficult to distinguish it from the pressure from the place of work (Short, Bartel, & Carskadon, 2019). Furthermore, it is difficult to treat mental health problems when it deteriorates to advanced levels. It is, therefore, necessary to develop a mental health action plan to ensure that one is not exposed to conditions that will affect the stability of the brain.

The first thing in the action plan is to ensure that there is value for oneself. In this way, it helps the individual to avoid self-criticism and treat oneself with respect and kindness. These things help individuals to love themselves and thus avoid engaging in negative thoughts hat ruin their behavior and affect the stability of the brain. Creating time for hobbies helps one to find time to exercise the body and the brain, which is important to help the body to remain healthy.

The second thing is taking care of the body by ensuring that one takes nutritious meals and drinking plenty of water to ensure that the brain gets enough nutrients it needs to remain healthy (Van der Pols, 2018). There is also a need to create a good time for sleeping. It is because studies show that the major contributor to depression is caused by lack of enough sleep especially among college students (Gilbert, 2016).

Taking care of the body also involves ensuring that one lives in a clean and safe environment, which helps the body to relax. One should also ensure that he or she is surrounded by positive people who do not abuse them or look down upon them but rather encourage them to be better.


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