Mental Health and Relationships

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Having a mental illness is very hard and being in a relationship with someone with mental illness can be stressful to the extent of becoming a crisis. How does mental illness affect relationships? Can a relationship with mental illness survive? This is The Interrogation Point and this is the effects it takes being in a relationship with someone with mental health

It's possible to be in a loving and healthy relationship with someone who is mentally ill if you are aware of the unique challenges being faced by your partner and utilize strategies and resources that helps in nurturing the relationship

There are different ways that mental illness can affect a relationship. The stigma associated with mental illness leads to resentment, guilt, and shame hence stressing to both partners, leading to anxiety and limited emotional availability. Being intimate with your partner is also affected due to the feeling of inadequacy, anxiety, and low self-esteem.

Some of the tips in dealing with a mentally ill partner include showing support any sympathy, educating yourself on the condition, seeking counseling both individually and as a couple, and practicing self-care (Lefley & Wasow, 2013).

In conclusion, a relationship with a mentally ill person can be navigated when both partners have the skills and awareness to communicate and cope with this situation.


Lefley, H. P., & Wasow, M. (2013). Helping families cope with mental illness. Routledge.

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