Parenting depressed

Parenting and Mental Illness

Depression is one of the most common mental disorder in the country that has affected more than sixteen million people. It is approximate that more than fifteen million children in the United States leave with parent with mental problems (Brody, Pratt, & Hughes, 2018). It means that in every five children, one child could be living with a parent or parents who have mental illness.

It is a challenge for parents who are struggling with mental illness while at the same time they have duty of taking care of children. Those affected with depression will may express anxiety and withdrawal symptoms and this will affect their ability to take care of children in things such as feeding, cleaning, and playing with them (Suarez, Lafrenière, & Harrison, 2016). A woman who is breast-feeding is even worse because they may not be able to produce enough milk for their child or children. It is because when a woman is depressed, she may find it eat or sleep properly and this will affect the about of milk that her body can release.

Parents with mental problems and have school going children will encounter many difficulties in preparing them for school. It is because they may lack ability to prepare them and to show them love they used to get from their parents. Such parents may be neglectful, abusive, and insensitive to the health of the child (Suarez, Lafrenière, & Harrison, 2016). This is dangerous because they may not be able to react properly when the health of the child is deteriorating and think of taking the child to the hospital. The children could also suffer psychologically because they could not be in position to comprehend what is happening to their parent. The children are also likely to encounter bullying in schooling because of stigma of mental condition in the society.


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Suarez, E. B., Lafrenière, G., & Harrison, J. (2016). Scoping review of interventions supporting mothers with mental illness: Key outcomes and challenges. Community mental health journal, 52(8), 927-936.

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