Spiritual and Mental Health

Spiritual health has many benefits regarding releasing stress and overall mental health. When you cultivate your spirituality, you will most likely uncover what’s meaningful in your life. This will help you not to focus on the unimportant things and thereby eliminating stress. How is spirituality related to mental health? This is the Interrogation point and this the importance of spirituality to mental health.

Spirituality is based on the idea that life is meaningful and that everyone has a purpose in life. Spiritual Identity is shaped through ethics, values, principles, and morals. Being spiritually healthy doesn’t mean there is no conflict in your life but rather you are strong to manage conflicts as it arises.

Spirituality plays an important role in sustaining mental health and can help in preventing the effects caused by mental disorders. Its an integral part of patient life and it helps in their recovery (Hartz, 2005).

In a nutshell, spirituality allows people to believe in something and provide a sense of structure. These beliefs have a major impact on mental health, with some of the benefits being initiating a social connection with others, helping to cope with difficult situations, providing guidelines to live by and teaching of forgiveness, compassion gratitude. It helps people understand their interpretation of the meaning of life.


Hartz, G. W. (2005). Spirituality and mental health: Clinical applications. Psychology Press.

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